Web Scraper

I made a web crawler for Craigslist, that uses Selenium / Codeception to defeat their JS CACHPAs. It’s super useful for a FEW people, there isn’t a commercial application here. I’m using it to get freelance work. Ask me an I’ll give you a password to check it out.

I’m selling access to this software. Try it for free. Tell me how to monetize it somehow.

  • You can use it if you pay me cash. I will only allow 5 people/companies to use it.
  • If you’re a DESIGNER, and want to use it, you may use it if you also get me freelance programming work. In other words any tech person who’s skills don’t overlap mine can use it.
  • You can use it if you can get me freelance work. I am an expert BDD / WordPress / PHP developer
  • You can have the source if you hire me full time. $100k/year, $5000 signing if you want me to move.
  • You can have the source code for $1000

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