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Phone: (702)748-5491 – SMS text is best
Email: johndeebdd@gmail.com


Click 4 Jim's Resume
Click 4 Jim’s Resume

BDD puts the business stakeholder in the driver’s seat!

We can be fixing your software in 15 mins…

I live in Las Vegas, please contact me any time, 24/7.
Email: johndeebdd@gmail.com


  • DevOps engineer
  • WordPress plugin development
  • PHP BDD/TDD using CodeCeption framework
  • Amazon AWS systems management
  • continuous integration
  • LAMP, Linux, Ubuntu, MySQL, HTML, SEO, git, CRM systems,
    APIs including WordPress, WooCommerce, stripe, Selenium automation, javascript, jQuery, OOP, web app architecture
  • Outsourcer management


I am the head of WordPress development at a funded startup in Las Vegas. I work directly with team leaders and executives who want to take their WordPress development to the next level. I have been programming for thirty years. I’ve published multiple plugins to the repo, and have about a half dozen on github. I am a world expert in Behavior Driven Development for WordPress. This blog is about my transition from a programmer, to a developer, to an entrepreneur.

Remote Work

Everything I know how to do, I can do remotely. I’m working in the cloud. This is how it should be! I will show you how to setup WordPress development and production servers on Amazon or any other cloud provider. All you need is a Chrome browser and a decent internet connection to develop. I have the perfect cloud based development environment, which I give for free to my clients.

Fixed price product development

I will beat any price for fully tested WordPress plugins, including security and API type plugins. FACT: the next guy is 20 times as expensive as I am.


Short Term On-Site Consulting

I can come to your business and set you up! Working with your leadership team, I can help setup your local development process. Then $12/hr employees can take over. My process is BETTER and CHEAPER than any other SCRUM / Agile workflow involving WordPress. If my process isn’t better, I want to work for you for free! Teach me something.


Digital Agency

I come with business for a digital agency! I built a product that generates sales leads, and good tech leads. Especially if you employee an an IT salesperson. I have a really cool websraper that I wrote. You can have the source code if you hire me. I want to be a programmer, not a salesperson.


What can you do for me, John?

I’m ready to go, and can start delivering software to you in 24 hours. I know how to write feature files and talking about software is my thing. Let’s talk! I can deliver software on any scale, from doing things myself to helping you hire unlimited numbers of outsourcers. If you’re developing WordPress, I guarantee I can reduce your costs.

When are you available?


What roles are you available for?

Software project manager [Scrum master, developer, etc], QA testing in PHP, programmer, consulting, code rescue

Link to my resume